“Journey of Soulful Awakening”

Personalized Mentoring Program

The comprehensive sacred journey of soulful guidance for Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Evolution. Healing, awakening, transformative.

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Free Discovery Mentoring Session

30-minute 1:1 Phone/Skype intro session with Rain. Reconnect with your core being and explore your next direction….

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Transpersonal Psychology Sessions

Medicare and Private Health fund eligible 1:1 session series. Where spirituality and psychology interface to help you move through, and grow beyond, times of challenge.

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Vision Quest – Mar 11-18 2017, Glenreagh, NSW

A Vision Quest is a nature-based ancient rite of passage experience that provides us with the opportunity to bring ourselves forth to powerfully walk our most visionary, purposeful soul-led path.

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Mini Quest Retreat Weekend

February 9th – 12th, 2017

Be part of a small group undertaking a guided sunrise to sunset sacred ceremony solo bush fast. This is a shorter version of the traditional Vision Quest which is normally 4 full days/nights. This one-day quest is held within a four-day weekend offering you a soulful and intentional supported solitude for significant impact.  Download brochure here.

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Women’s Deep Soul Retreat

February 16th – 19th, 2017

Connect with women and share in deep soul awareness, sacred ceremony, nature connection and play.  Download brochure here.  

The Deep Soul Retreat is offered by long-time friends and co-facilitators Kate Rydge and Rain Czupryna.

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Helping you to come ‘home’ within…

and to walk the conscious path that brings you Alive.

  • Supporting your heroic journeys of healing, transforming, awakening, and evolution.
  • Soul encounter, initiation, and cultivation of soulful living.
  • Ancient wisdom guiding today’s way forward.


Do you long for a greater sense of connection and wholeness?

Are you on a self-directed path of awareness?

Do you feel called to live true to your vision, values, purpose and potential?

Do you want to tap into, and live from, an undercurrent of soulful awareness?

SoulScapes offers depth of sanctuary and alliance for adults daring to live authentically from the genius of Soul.



How to get started

Personal message from Rain, Founder of SoulScapes:

“The offerings of SoulScapes are here to dynamically support you at the level of your soul journey, taking place within your human experience.”

Our aim is to take a developmental, holistic, and transformational approach to therapy, psychology, coaching, and mentoring to take your professional, personal, and spiritual lives to the next level.
If you have come to a point in your life or career where it is time to move beyond crisis, stagnation, feeling lost or out of touch with your authentic path, this could be the very calling and opportunity to take yourself to a far greater life.
Let’s write a new chapter within the individual book of Your Life’s Sacred Quest.

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