Why Vision Quest?

Why quest?
Why go without food, shelter (other than a tarp), comforts, contact, variety of scene, and promises of staying warm and dry? Why expose yourself to insects, unpredictable turns of Mother Nature, and the insanity of the programming lurking within your own mind? Why have people been doing such a thing for 1,000’s and 1,000’s of years, and still hurl themselves like freight trains towards the threshold? 
When you are called, you are called, and you can ignore it, but it won’t let you go until you do go into the wild, alone, and give yourself over to the sacred, holy, conversation to be had between your own soul, the Great Mystery, and Earth Mother.

Some never will quest, some will be complete having done so once in their lifetime, and some return to this ceremony as part of their spiritual path. To convey something of the quest spirit, the process, and what it takes us to, is somewhat of a daunting, impossible task, but here are some points from my heart to yours. May these words help you to cross its threshold one day, or deepen your integration from your last quest.

Why quest then, eh? We quest in this strong way when we are ready to cast off the false, the accumulated debris in our psyche and that which has knocked us off our path or disconnected us from our heart’s truth and soul’s code. Even just by degrees of misalignment.
We quest to stand firm on our Home, the Earth, and take our place in the purity of natural law, and in the web of life. From here we untangle from the webs of lies. We quest when we need to immerse in Nature’s medicine and frequency, for that salve to soak through our every cell and into our bones, into our cellular memory of how we are meant to function without noise, toxicity, wifi, and countless invasions to our senses and rhythms.
As we find our home here, we trust our home within, and take that into the world where our ‘place’ is more able to be taken.

We quest when we know we need to wake ourselves up, shake ourselves up, or deeply rest in the sweetness of effortless spirit, our radiant light.

We quest when we need to test ourselves, birth ourselves, feel our edges, our shadows, our untapped power. We meet ourselves, and learn what we had in us that didn’t know we had.

We quest when we need help and no human aid can seem to do the job of taking us to the places within that lay waiting to be reached. These are the places that are reached by the softening of our personality over days in the bush, and activated by the grace of Spirit.

We quest when we need to pray, to have those prayers make a big ripple from the super-charged power of a 10-foot circle that is a portal to the Mystery. And to receive, to hear the voice of guidance that surely comes. We quest to seek spiritual truths, open the doors to spiritual perception, experience the profound Silence and world beyond the veils.

We quest when we need get closer to the mystery of who we are, why we are, what our life is about, and what then to do with that. We quest when we need the power to walk that path, make the tough decisions, or proclaim a new way of being….

We quest when it is time to celebrate a newfound stage of life, or mourn the last, with dignity, with sacred witnessing, with firm completeness that says, “My old life is over, that part of me has come to rest, and now I begin.”

I feel the quest releases back to the community, people with vision and a greater level of psycho-spiritual maturity than they had had before… Men and women who have been deeply touched by the natural and spiritual worlds, their paradigms relocating into more eco-centric, soul-centric, unity consciousness, even as the ceremony-induced expansion states return to the normal fluxes of human cognition and shadow.

Quest is also so much more than what I’ve touched on here. A vast and enigmatic ceremony as it is, I offer these insights to honour those who have gone before, and those yet to come.

-Rain Czupryna

Congrats to the latest Questers – An all-men quest and baptism by floods. It was February of this year, when Steve and I were preparing for the (then) upcoming March bi-annual quest, when I realised I had no business being there. All the questers on approach were, one by one, all men. Having just come back from the same land immersed in an all-women retreat with Kate, I felt the two wings of the masculine and feminine flapping assuredly, as though across the land itself. There was a sense that men had work to do there to do too, and so seamlessly, my man, Laurent (also a trained Quest Protector in this lineage) took my place (while I took his with his with his boy). I felt the power of non-attachment to the work, that sometimes it chooses to move through us, sometimes it doesn’t. And my non-service was better service on this occasion, as evidenced by what the men came back with, stories of great healing and transformation, of bonding and tales only they and the land can carry. The depths they went to were palpable.
These “Magnificent 7” were poetically met with a personal circling of 4 wedge tail eagles, and the strongest torrential rains and floods our team has ever encountered there, making access to the quest sites was eventually cut by the rising creek…all men evacuated just in time with 30 minutes to spare. Congrats to all of the men for coming back to our world with more of you to offer.

With love,

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