Founder, Rain Czupryna, Biography

Rain Czupryna

  • Registered Psychologist;
  • Transpersonal Mentor and Coach;
  • Group work Facilitator
  • Lecturer/Trainer – Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling (IKON 2017)
  • Coaching Skills Lecturer (Nature Care College 2002-2010)
  • Vision Quest Protector
  • Mother and fellow journeyer on a shamanic and mystical path

My personal purpose and mission

To deepen connection to one another, humanity, the earth, Spirit, and true Self within. With compassion, to presence and evoke the individual and collective processes of awakening, healing, transforming, and evolving. To hold and midwife the soul in its magnificent and mysterious journey, support self-understanding and actualization, rekindle life purpose, and empowered transition through thresholds of change.

I am passionate about soulful and conscious living, and being in right, respectful relationship to the natural world as an alive, enchanted presence we may commune with and be in stewardship for.

Much of my Vision is have you know yours.

Skills to offer:

Training coaching and counselling skills; group facilitation; 1:1 personalised coaching, mentoring and psychology/counselling; facilitating rituals and rites of passage; working effectively with forces of change; walking the edge between worlds and helping others to do so.

Some Qualities to offer: being direct and honest; empathic; intuitive.


  • Master of Transpersonal Psychology (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, 2010);
  • Post-graduate Diploma of Psychology from Macquarie University (Sydney, 2001);
  • Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology, from University of Massachusetts (Amherst, 1993)
  • One-year exchange to the University of Queensland (Brisbane, 1992).

Further qualifications and relevant experience:

  • Received Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification in 2008, with the International Coach Federation (ICF).
  • Over 5,000 coaching/counselling hours and 2,000 group facilitation hours.
  • Co-Founder, Co-Head of Department, & Key Lecturer of the Diplomas of Transformational Life Coaching (2002-2010) and Transpersonal Coaching (est.2010) at Nature Care College, Sydney, NSW.
  • Co-Founder of and present affiliate to The Institute of Transpersonal Coaching, Sydney, NSW, (est. 2009).
  • Ongoing student of Earth Heart Institute and participant in community-based sacred earth ceremonies


Thank you for taking a moment to meet through the written word…

I hold a vision for you,

That you experience whom you truly are, and what you are here to do,

That you feel belonging, connection, and care within the sacred web of life, the presence of Source moving through you,

That you feel liberation in your heart, and mind,

That you can engage the gifts, power, and medicine of your soul with the world around you,

That you transform deep pain, grief, sorrow, challenge and crisis into a richness of wisdom, growth, and strength,

That you and your loved ones are happy, thriving and joyous in your being and life, enjoying your days, and what you do with them…

It is my pleasure to serve you towards the personal, professional, and spiritual aims you hold within your heart. As this work is vast, deep, multi-layered, and can be somewhat un-namable, I have conceived the idea of Tiers below, to offer you a map what you can focus on together. This map brings together all of the work of SoulScapes in it’s many forms from psychology to vision quest.

At Tier 1, the focus is on providing you with relief, recovery, restoration, and re-stabilization. Like first-aid, we take a practical and symptom-reducing or problem-solving approach so that you can simply feel better, clearer, stronger.

As the work continues and you wish to go deeper, Tier 2 is where we focus on underlying issues, schemas, and patterning. Here long-held emotional and psychological material can be brought to into a focus for deeper healing and transformation, often allowing an adapted way of being (or life) yield to a more authentic sense of self.

At Tier 3, we bring focus to the life and expression of that authentic ‘you’ inside, clarifying and fine-tuning your passion, purpose, vision, mission, and “medicine power.”

For those who wish to maintain a gradient of growth, Tier 4 offers you a focus on your soul path, expressly. From this perspective, the level of conversation deepens to another realm of intimacy, transparency, and is in service to your awakening, evolution, and transcendence.

Let’s go there!

Blessings to you in these potent times of planetary change.

Soulfully yours,

Rain x