Integration and intentions for powerful turning points


Turning points such as New Year’s, birthdays, and anniversaries offer us a potent time to reflect upon our previous stretch of life’s journey, to consciously pause in the freedom of choice we are given to live our vision. Take this pause to bring closure to your last cycle, thereby letting go ways of living and being that you are ready to leave behind and to take forward the gifts from your experience.

Further, take this pause to ask questions that bring you back to your purpose and your centre, from which intention and goals can spring forth authentically.



CLOSURE and INTEGRATION of the last annual cycle:

Of this cycle that is closing and coming to pass, what stands out? What are your fondest memories of this past year? What were the gifts? That which you are most grateful for?

What was the hardest part? What had you tolerated? Been impacted by? Grieved? Lost?

What did you learn? (Skills, lessons). In what ways did you grow, mature? What did you outgrow? What did you achieve?

What were the strongest themes of your last year?

What do you let go of now?


VISION, PURPOSE and INTENTION for the next year:

What do you really want? What is your wish list for the coming year? What do you wish to attract to you, let come to you?

What inspires you and what are you looking forward to?

What sense of mission or purpose do you have for the next year?

What way of being or qualities do you wish to embody more?

What and whom will get your energy and focus this year?

What practices, habits, or activities will you do more of?

What do you needs do you need met? And supports or resources to put in place?

Any specific goals (not resolutions) for the year? Things to complete?

What might the themes of the coming year be?


Questions compiled by Rain Czupryna

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