Living your Vision

Are you living your vision? How would you know if you were, or weren’t? Do you know what it feels like, and how to tell the difference between the whimsical or appeasing “visions” produced by the mind, and the stream of vision that flows from Source into your heart, full of code, guidance, and with life force of its own? And, as we always say on Vision Quest preparation talks, “It is your birthright to live your vision;” Have you let that notion, that truth, sink in lately?

Or maybe, you get all that, but your vision eludes you.  You feel apart from it somehow, be that it is buried beyond your current access, hidden in the fog… you feel you are wandering, lost. Perhaps you have a sense of your heart’s deepest yearning, but it feels so full of seemingly impossible contradiction or risk that you can’t take that road without losing all you have. Or maybe you are in touch with your vision yet feel that what it would take requires more power, resources, skill, or self-worth than what you experience of yourself thus far. So what to do…?

I have dedicated the majority of my career and personal life path to living with vision, and over time, have come to respect 1.) The imperative that it is, 2.) The simplicity of it, and 3.) The immense challenge of it. Paradoxical, yes. In a very brief version for now, I’ll walk you through a bit of what I mean…

1.) Living your Vision is an imperative. The ancients warned that those without vision would cause the destruction of the planet. Those with vision would be in accordance with the natural laws that determine our sustainability. On an individual level, living with vision feels alive, connected, heart-full. We may have been prone to times of being amidst the “walking dead,” and when in that experience, we may have slipped into apathy, self-medication, little acts of destruction to ourselves and with wider implications. We may have walled ourselves off. We may have suffered a sense of deadness and pointlessness, and this contraction can feel dark. Living your Vision is as important as taking your next breath, next nourishment, and all that brings you alive in your spirit.

2.) Living your Vision is simple, if you can discern what it is and how it works.  Is vision an image of scenario you hold in your dreams? Is it a “something” you are co-creating, place you are aiming for? Beyond this, and the long road of dedicated action that may require, imagine that you could be living your vision right now. That perhaps, so long as you don’t betray yourself, and you feel “rightness” about your very next step, that you could be in the slipstream of the vision which wants to make itself manifest through you. What next move takes you in the direction of release? Of aliveness? Of inspiration? Just that next little re-alignment, and keep doing that with fine tuning. You are the authority who can decide these moment to moment inner and outer adjustments, while setting your sights on a direction you may call your vision.

3.) Living your Vision will probably challenge you, and require sacrifice of you, like sword of truth that must slay the false down. Even if that is the false within, and whatever mess or outdated structure of safety it built around you. And vision can demand our very best presence, very best willingness, to say, I’m in, I choose to stay the course.

“You must give birth to your images. They are the future waiting to be born. Fear not the strangeness you feel. The future must enter you long before it happens. Just wait for the birth, for the hour of the new clarity.” -Rainer Maria Rilke

Back to the first question, do you know your Vision? And walk with it as though you have a compass inside you, pointing the way and helping you prioritise your life energy and focus? Do you feel you have what it takes to embody this vision, to ground it?

Do you feel a stirring inside to sink into the central questions of your life, this life, this one, right now, that you are living? One way of doing that is to engage with a guide who can open up a dynamic of powerful enquiry with you. Another is to wander, to be in your cocoon, a place apart from the structures of the limits of the familiar, especially to weave that cocoon in nature. Simple practices like journaling can tap into a hidden voice that needs your invitation to speak. And then there is Vision Quest, an ancient method, proven and kept the same over time, because it works. Combining the elements of nature, fasting, and solitude, with ceremonial rites of passage and the strength of all whom have done so before, the Vision Quest sits as an invitation and birthright to all whom hear it’s calling, calling your name.

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