Half-Day Blocks and Multiple Half-Day series – by arrangement, recommencing in 2019.

Dive into a pivotal, experiential retreat for the Soul. Use this format to cover in 1-4 days what you might over a stretch of time. 

For individuals and partnerships, local or making the most of our short time together in Byron/Sydney for face-to-face work.

Intensive, in-person depth work with Rain. Select just one or up to 4 x consecutive Half-Day Blocks. Some book this format at regular intervals like every 6 weeks.

The half-day structure may be applied to Psychology, Coaching, Mentoring, or specifically for Vision Quest preparation/integration work. Choose your modality and goals for the work.

 To book your Half-Day Personal Soul Immersion, contact us here, or enquire on 0402130972.
We enter into a sacred space to focus precisely the layers of self, current issues, and visionary material that will support your graceful unfolding and momentum in your life.

What is it time for you to…Become? Clarify? Achieve? Receive? Release? Explore? or Create?

What does your soul need? What is being called to live within you, through you?

What situational, developmental, career or life stage transition are you in?

What is simply not working, or needs help to shift or let go?

This structure offers you a time-efficient, yet deep dive process, for what you need at this very juncture in your life. We delve into powerful conversation and experiential process work, which helps you to more fully digest and integrate, and get behind the changes that are percolating within you, to explore what lies within waiting to be discovered about yourself, and to take your next steps with conscious companioning of your soul’s guidance. You progress and deepen at your own pace, stopping in the places that are calling for the most attention, and opportunity!

You can come in with all that you’re carrying inside you, the concerns, deep questioning, stuck places, grief… Bring your story and your dreams. Unpack it all, bring it to the transformational cauldron, and leave with what’s worth taking back. 

 An accessible, fully focused intensive attending to you at the level of your soul, for personal, professional & spiritual evolution.

“After the immersion I can understand what’s happening in life and beyond, at multiple levels. My life feels really expansive now. Real gratitude for having Rain in my life. I felt deeply safe with her.” Heather Albrecht

Half-Day rates $600-$750, psychology subject to private health insurance.

Location and dates by arrangement.

Meeting the soul’s longing for deepened connection to the living universe and sense of place within it.img_2260

I feel truly indebted to both you Rain and Kate for providing such a powerful healing space, and to all of you who held the space for me to shed a lot of emotional pain. It was a tremendous gift and I feel exceptionally grateful for that.
I came into that space holding so much pain in my body… and this is the way I have been for the last 3 years. It has really held me back from participating in many activities and working for any length of time. So not long after the retreat I felt very blessed to feel no more pain – it eased very quickly and it was so inconceivable I didn’t believe it myself for about a week. But the truth is my body was acting like I’d sucked on a lemon because I was holding so much grief that I had been terrified to release it. So in releasing the emotional pain I was also able to release the physical pain. You could never know what a journey it has been to get to this point and how grateful I am feeling right now. Finally I received great clarity that I must continue my healing journey through soul work.
Georgie Thomas

Choose your Focus

    • The Healing Session – Personal healing and fuller recovery from trauma, grief, painful or self-sabotaging experience.
    • The Clarity Session – Tune into your heart’s vision, get clearer on what the next chapter of your life.
    • Your Living Purpose Session – Clarify your purpose, gifts, medicine power, mission, or legacy, and ground this into life and work.
    • The Transformation Session – When something needs to change, we put all focus on that, from the inside out, for inner ways of being and the dynamics at play in your relationships. Addressing an impasse, block, or reoccurring pattern.
    • The Creativity Session – Evoking and supporting the creative process for expression of what’s within you.
    • The Training Session – Mentoring for the skills you are hungry to learn.
    • The Authentic Power and Self-Leadership Session – When you know it’s time to bring forth your “medicine”, the power and gifts you came here to offer.
    • The Threshold Session – Support for key times of transition from one life status to another.
    • The Spiritual Emergence Support Session – When you need context and dynamic, sensitive support for SE. For those in a heightened phase of self-discovery, sensitivity, perceptual ability, emergence of true Self and sense of what is true.
    • The Vision Quest Session – Specific work to assist in deeper preparation before quest, and integration after quest, to get the most of your vision quest.
    • The Values and Re-alignment Session – Inventory to discover and fine-tune your awareness of your values and needs, and to allow this to inform the structures and activities of your life.
    • The Energy Leaks & Leverage Inventory Session – Bring awareness and tools to how to strengthen and leverage the foundations of your day to day living by plugging up the leaks, and harnessing your life energy efficiently and effectively. Learn to work in harmony to your personal rhythms and seasons.
    • The Self-Care Session – Enjoy time for self-care and time to think, feel, and immerse in depth work to embody the change you desire.
  • The Honouring Narrative Session – Bring honour to your lived soul journey, life stage, and essence of who you are. Perhaps you have been missing a sacred witnessing presence and space in which to integrate and sincerely receive your story.
  • The Partnership Session – Works with a number of the themes above, with a particular common agenda for the pair. Supports enhanced communication between the two parties.