Mentoring Programs

“Journey of Soulful Awakening” Developmental Soul Mentoring Program
for Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Evolution

Mentoring can be the next step after healing or coaching work, to stretch your capacity for growth.

Incorporating: The healing aspects of therapy, the empowering/outcome oriented aspects of coaching, going beyond each of these to potentially trigger radical transformation at the level of consciousness development and spiritual awakening.

Next intake:  May-July 2018. Currently one space available.  10 spaces open for Aug-Oct 2018. Go to the contact page to lodge your interest in your place for this mentorship program in 2018.

“Remember who you are, and let this knowing take you home with every breath.” Oriah Mountain Dreamer

What is your highest vision for yourself? For your life? For our world?

What are the truth in your heart, and the gifts you are born with, that want to be lived? 

What do you long for?

Who are you really?

The “Journey of Soulful Awakening” Mentoring Program supports you to that commitment to live your authentic Self, and path of psycho-spiritual maturity. With such support, it is easier to overcome, or consciously work with, what typically gets in the way, e.g. distractions, overwhelm, and the gravity of our default settings. The “Journey of Soulful Awakening” is an invitation to discover more of your inner landscape, mytho-poetic identity, and a deepened sense of the sacred dimension of your life.

This journey encourages a re-acquaintance and homecoming with our soul sensitivity and a soulful and wakeful way of being, guided by your heart, vision, and purpose. 

We free up layers of what has been stuck or frozen in your body-mind consciousness and move beyond fear to cultivate a life navigated by awareness, truth, and connection.

What is it like? How does it work?

Your mentoring program offers you a robust, truthful, and direct presence in your life. The conversations between us aim to engage you at the level of your highest, wisest Self. This style of communication between both parties supports total authenticity and awareness, encouraging you to bring forth from within that which you may surprise you, is ready to emerge. This soul-level interaction, and the commitment between both parties (of 3 or 6 months), encourages your growth from one stage of psycho-spiritual development to the next.

The input and guidance you receive is completely individualized and offered with respect to your view of the world, working with the unfolding of your very next step. What you bring to the sessions from your current life experience serves as a doorway to the language of the soul and the opportunity to move through shadow to light. To support you with your next step you may be asked to weave in exercises, practices, and meditations that integrate and extend the work done in session. At times, a personal ritual is suggested and guidance for this offered.

This mentorship offers a long-distance and potentially long-term alliance. The format is typically done via phone twice per month and takes place over a 6-month period of time. (2 x blocks of 6 sessions). You can complement the distance work with in-person immersion formats of a Half-Day Intensives.

Come in from your walk along the path of your life…let’s sit down together at the virtual campfire for the gathering of wisdom and strengthen your connection to yourSelf…take these treasures and prepare to walk the next part of your path, applying what you are learning, directly to your life. Till we sit once more…

If you feel ready to undertake this “Journey of Soulful Awakening” please get in touch via the contact page or phone 0402130972 to have a chat.

The mentoring program here is distinct from psychology or coaching, and is something the individual needs to be ready for as there is a radical level of engagement taken to one’s life.
Like psychology, mentoring does offer the cognitive restructuring and healing/honouring of the felt world. And like coaching, mentoring offers the active principle of aligning one’s outer world to the truth of the inner and seeing real, on-the-ground changes in life/relationship/work. What is unique about mentoring is that we create an open dynamic in which you are given teachings, guidance, and the challenge of full accountability to your soul’s evolution. This approach requires full self-ownership and is available for when you have come to the realization that you are indeed responsible for your experience and are willing to work with the power of that creative capacity.

Common outcomes of the mentoring journey include, greater self-mastery, awareness, shift from ego to soul sense of self, readiness to overcome hesitancy to ground a major life transition, personal wellbeing and healthier relationships. Although the work can be an internal and spiritual endeavour, clients often make decisions that realign their work, relationship dynamics, and way of living to their values, purpose and vision.

$AUD 440/month for 6 months – $AUD 2,640 in total. You may enquire about an adjusted fee (“sliding scale”) if you are in genuine financial need.
Payments in advance in 1 or 2 lump sums attract a 10% discount (2 x $AUD 1188 or 1 x $AUD 2376 total)

“As a health professional for the better part of two decades I like to think I have a fair idea about what makes a truly excellent and effective practitioner. It was a friend, who I believe encapsulates what a real modern man should be, that recommended I should talk to Rain. Coming from him it was a prefect referral but even I was surprised by what I encountered. Put simply, Rain brings all the tools you’d expect from a competent and professional practitioner but then something else, something powerful. It’s wisdom you wish your mum had, insight like an old master has and timing to deliver both like Ali. The Maori, encapsulates these things in the character of Papatuanuku (Earth Mother) and my testimony for Rain’s ability is that she shares all of the qualities and more besides. I am grateful to my friend for his direction and even more so to Rain for hers. Thank you Rain, I hope you reap what you sow.” 

Carl Matthews

    “I wonder what lies within

    The deepest longings kept within your heart,

    The vision quietly housed within your soul,

    The purpose that moves throughout your life,

    The genius and unique truth of whom you are…


    I wonder how called you are to walk such a path,

    To honour the knowing that lies within your depths,

         And craft each moment from there…

    Even if this were to break parts of you open, initiate you,

         Or drop away what you once thought real…

    I wish you a great adventure of intimacy with

    The uniqueness of your soul,

    The lightness of your spirit,

    The heart of your humanness, and

    Your union with creation.”

 A reflection for you from Rain Czupryna,
2009 ICFA Conference, Adelaide, SA (revised)