What we address

Catering to adults daring to live authentically aligned with soul.

Many concerns take individuals to the services offered here.

Personal issues commonly addressed 

  • Grief and loss
  • Crisis / Coming to terms with difficult or destabilizing events, trauma, or circumstances
  • Relationship issues
  • Parenting concerns
  • “The dark night of the soul”
  • Spiritual emergence
  • Challenges with self-esteem, self-acceptance
  • Self-sabotaging behaviour
  • Addictions
  • Symptoms of anxiety, depression, or mood difficulties
  • Work-related distress

Common Benefits and Achievements of clients

  • Clarifying values, vision, and purpose – Knowing more of who you are, what brings you alive and what to do with your life.
  • Increased Self-mastery – Better coping strategies; Heightened awareness and mindfulness; being empowered to choose, not react.
  • Feeling better, more calm and content.
  • Living with heart – meaning, vision, depth and connection.
  • Making clearer decisions.
  • Creating conscious partnership.
  • Improving family relationships and communication.
  • Navigating major life transitions: separation, stage of life changes, geographical changes.
  • Leading others more effectively and with authentic empowerment.
  • Clarifying mission and business direction.
  • Successfully enjoying chosen career path.
Tier 1 Problem Resolution and Symptom Reduction

At the most straight-forward level, you may address  getting through a crisis, concern, or addressing symptoms of a mental health diagnosis such as depression, anxiety, or adjustment disorder. Once people find they are better able to cope, have resolved the crisis, or regained equilibrium, they often feel they have had sufficient intervention or treatment. This basic Tier of work focuses on RECOVERY, RELIEF, and RESTORATION.

Tier 2 Depth work for Healing and Transformation

Beyond the level of problem resolution and symptom reduction, we can also attend to the more subtle or internal experiences of deep soul-searching, feelings of disconnection or heightened sensitivity, spiritual emergence, or “the dark night of the soul.” As you journey more deeply into the work, you may address unresolved pain, trauma, or behavioural patterning from the past in order to live beyond it’s impact in your current relationships and self. This nurturing and reconstructing Tier focuses on EMOTIONAL RELEASE and CORE-SELF RETRIEVAL.

Tier 3 Living Vision and Purpose

Moving beyond immediate problems, symptoms, with more freedom from the impact of the past, you may set your focus on your vision, values, purpose, and mission. This can entail themes of self-discovery and self-actualization. At this level, we midwife the soul’s unique gifts and expression, attending to self-discovery and development. There is so much to this work at this layer of the journey that it is not a one-size-fits-all description of what happens here, however, we might summarise to say here we are focused on forward movement, reflecting one’s mission and truth, to crafting a worthwhile life path that serves the good of all. This inspiring Tier focuses on LIVING YOUR ESSENCE and VISION.

Tier 4 Awakening and Evolution

Beyond this journey of resolving, nurturing, healing, and self-actualizing, living life in a way that feels true to Self, we open to walking a path of awakening and evolution. The focus becomes a radical orientation to a spiritual life that gives context to our human path. the groundwork prior to this layer is vital to ensuring we don’t create a false “spiritual bypass.” Here we honour soul and spirit, and all that it is to be an evolving human waking up to self-realisation. This enlightening Tier focuses on CONSCIOUS and SPIRITUAL REALISATION integrated into grounded, daily life.


When we work together, we start from the assumption that you are inherently whole, and that, beyond the persona, beyond defenses, it is possible to live more consistently from the essence of who you are.  This more natural state of being is more readily available to us when we can release the overly protective function of the ego-based personality, which is often shaped by trauma, conditioning, and coping strategies. Your essence, or what we may call ‘soul’, is unique, resides within the core of you, and houses intelligence and guidance that we can come to recognize and live by for a freer, clearer, centered, passionate, easeful and joyous walk in the world. A soul-led life takes us into deeper realms of intimacy within ourselves, the hearts of others, the natural world, and Great Mystery.

Within this central, core being we may conceive that there lies the DNA-like “code” of your vision and purpose, a navigational system and calibrator of personal truth and authentic power.

Whilst the upward-like spiritual path of transcendence supports our awakening into divine union and states of oneness beyond separation. The path of soul is like a descent inward and downward. The work we do together can assist both the paths of spiritual fulfilment and a deep dive inward.

Common psychological symptoms can be viewed as the voice of the soul trying to get our attention and when worked with from a transpersonal perspective, these symptoms can be opportunities for healing, growth and personal wisdom. In this way, we seek not just to manage symptoms, but to listen to them and be informed about what personal material may be asking to be brought into healing, balance, resolution, or discovery.

To enjoy the benefits of transpersonal work, you do not need to hold any particular spiritual or religious belief. Whilst the word “soul” can be associated with an afterlife, an eternal realm, or be used in the context of religion, here, “soul” is referred to as the aspect of self that is uniquely you, your essence, and is that same being you would be regardless of how conditioning or culture has shaped you at the level of your personality. “Soul” is distinct from the persona, the ego, or the physical self, yet expresses through these. “Soul” also refers to the unique place you can most powerfully and congruently be in the world. The “soul journey” is a phrase used here to describe the mystery, themes, and significance of our deeper process at play within our day-to-day lives.  Relating at a soul level takes us into the present moment, with heart.  Whilst this is challenging to describe, we might say that soul-level relating in a helping context encourages authenticity, transparency, vulnerability, spontaneity, and being in touch with both feeling and inner guidance. This is distinct from staying stuck in our heads, our roles, agendas, defenses, or identification with what is happening within the personality. Soul-level relating encourages curiosity about the mystery at play in our lives, and what we can learn and integrate from our experiences in a growth-full way.