Transpersonal Coaching

Transpersonal Coaching

Goals for the Soul.  Holistic success.

Application of universal spiritual principles to make grounded results.

  • Reawaken your dreams.
  • Build a strong personal foundation.
  • Unleash your creativity.
  • Address the hidden energy drains in your life.
  • Make clear value-based, decisions that satisfy head, heart, and gut.
  • Channel and leverage your precious energy for what matters.
  • Work to your strengths, purpose and uniqueness.
  • Shine!

Is Transpersonal Coaching for you?

Perhaps yes, if:

  • You need – and are ready for – clear change and grounded action.
  • You want a time-limited, efficient, structured approach to generating results from the heart.
  • You want a sophisticated and holistic approach to coaching that attends to, and heeds to, the voice of your soul, invites the power of your spirit, beyond the “I” that is rooted in the personality.

When moving towards goals such as wellness, career transition, or getting to the things you really need not put off any longer, we work with the alchemy of shape-shifting, personal transformational principles, and sacred honouring of the power that is able to move through you.

Tell me more. What is  the Transpersonal Coaching process?

Coaching is about taking action and working towards goals. Coaching in a transpersonal sense works with you at a soul-based level. The soul holds more leverage for change than the ego does, in my observation, so we create a gateway to go deeply into your soul’s wisdom for guiding your way. We honour that voice and engage its ability to conduct creativity and power.

Transpersonal coaching offers a creative and efficient alternative to achievement via “hard work and doing it on our own”.  Instead of an approach like that – which can cost us poor health, strained relationships, no time to enjoy life, and loss of productivity – can be one of synergistic work together, taking you into the playing field of possibility.

Available again commencing May-July (one place left) or Aug-Oct in 2018.

Take the 12-week transpersonal coaching journey challenge!

90 days to make meaningful change, strengthen, and live the rewards. What results do you want to see 90 days from now? 

Step 1 – Identify your particular Top 3 goals or priorities. This is what you are saying that, with support, you will make manifest within 3 months. Weight loss? Fitness? Major transition? Project completion? Writing your book? Generating funds? Presenting? Or lifestyle overhaul…? Making your days reflect self-care, soulfulness, beautiful relationships, making new habits and rhythms?

Step 2 – Choose the action-based, awareness-lifting program below for added value of developmental tools to usher you through a holistic coaching journey of transformation.

Which coaching program is right for you?

Authentic Empowerment & Leadership Discover and work with your medicine power, power of presence, and power of communication.  Take a closer look at your values, communication style and strengths. Apply self-mastery and mindfulness to work, business, activism, parenting, teams. This program pulls the leader out of you more strongly.

Life Quality & Design – Using the metaphor of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air, we attend to the layers of Self (spirit, body, emotion, and mind as woven by the soul), corresponding archetypes, and layers of life. This program builds a strong personal foundation of integrity. You take stock, clear the weeds, and plant worthy seeds. This program supports a thorough review and regeneration of the quality of your life, for yourself, and that which you care about. And we’ve all heard “live by design not default.” Enter the temple of the soul to design from the heart for the world you can create, not just react to.

Vision & Purpose – Clarification and follow-through of vision, life purpose, mission, and legacy to set you on a worthwhile, fulfilling trajectory. A good anti-dote to feeling lost or on the wrong track. Learn to live with vision beyond having a vision.

Program investment:

3 month package = includes 9 x 1-hr sessions

Valued at $660/month x 3 months. $1,750 upfront, or 12 weekly payments of $148. (All Australian Dollars.)

Get a partner or coaching group together and share the cost! I’d LOVE to work with you as a group.

HOW we do the sessions: Convenience of telephone or Skype, or on location in Byron Bay area. Sydney semi-regularly.

Because there is a wide variety of coaching styles, experience, and interpretation of what it is to be a coach, the following background information is intended to give you some information to inform you about the bedrock this coaching program arises from, for right fit and placing your coachee faith in 🙂 ….

Of relevance to your coaching program on offer here, I bring to you over 15 years/6000+hours of coaching and coach training experience, particularly from my lecturing involvement at Nature Care College 2002-2010 as Co-Head of Department and co-author of the Diplomas in (former) Transformational Life Coaching and Transpersonal Life Coaching (current), and guest appearances at ICF chapter meetings (Sydney, Brisbane, Boston) and ICFA conference 2009. Became certified at PCC level with the ICF in 2008. Experienced an executive coach, leadership specialist, and career transition coach to corporate and government, and private business owners. Co-founder of the Institute of Transpersonal Coaching. 

“I finally feel like I know who I am now, and my whole life is working with the grain instead of against it!” – Marty C., (coaching client)
“I feel more alive than I have in a very long time. Before it was like there was something really missing in my life. Turns out it was ME! Thank you for your support.” -Ian D. (coaching client)
“Before work was taking over my life and I had no energy or time left over to even think about myself, or pursue what I really wanted to. Work has now gone from taking up 90% of my headspace to literally 20%, and the rest is left for me to create my new direction. And get in the water more!”
Chris Brown