What is “transpersonal”?


Transpersonal Work Demystified

All of the work offered through SoulScapes is done so from a transpersonal approach, whether the focus is healing the past, creating towards the future, skill development, or other personal and spiritual development work. So what is it?

Transpersonal work in action invites creative, dynamic, courageous and transformational growth to come about. In this way transpersonal work supports stages of consciousness as well states of consciousness. To be a practitioner working at the transpersonal level is to work with the emergent principle, and this takes artful whole-being presence. One stands not separate nor as expert to the other, but with and as One.
A transpersonal approach is presence-based, process-oriented, soul-centred, integral, holistic, and sophisticated.
Drawing from both evidence-based methodology as well as other ways of knowing, transpersonal work bridges East and West philosophy and is often regarded as the interface between spirituality and psychology.
“Transpersonal” literally means ‘beyond the person’. The transpersonal dimension acknowledges the person as a multifaceted being (mind, body, heart, soul, spirit). Coaching, counselling, and development work ‘beyond the person’ acknowledges that the individual does not stand isolated and alone, but is intricately inter-connected to the systems and rhythms of which they are a part e.g. community, planetary, and universe. Likewise, ‘beyond the person’ can be understood to be ‘beyond the persona’ to the real and accessible level of the spirit or soul, that houses wisdom, authentic power, purpose, vision, and a doorway to enlightenment. Through working on ‘problems’ a transpersonal approach seeks to illuminate consciousness and to reveal new information that is useful to daily living.

Transpersonal practitioners attend to the human drives to live purposeful lives, to awaken, to take an inner journey towards wholeness, compassion, and realization.
Transpersonal practitioners are likely to offer a high quality professional relationship and masterful listening at a deep level. We work with your emerging process at a spiritual and temporal level towards the integration of a whole self. This means the work is not just about symptom reduction or goal attainment. Techniques involved may reach beyond the cognitive/mental level into, for example, your higher awareness, body-mind wisdom, or creative capacity. When “shadow” or resistance may seem to stand in the way of progress, this can be actively worked with in an honouring way that harnesses its power. Instead of trying overcome or willpower through potential blocks the way forward can involve galvanizing potential and resolving or dissolving inner conflicts.
Being on the receiving end of a transpersonal approach can feel like being “plugged in” to intuition, and a meaningful and sacred connection to one’s own life and to the world. As issues, goals, and teachings are explored, shifts in states of being, and in the nature of one’s own consciousness, is likely to occur. Being in the presence of one whom is operating from a transpersonal stance is often very freeing, and invites transcendence of ego and of it’s defensive strategies, and access to one’s own inner wisdom.
Transpersonal work is NOT: new age, religious, magical thinking, or overly concerned with the paranormal.
Note: this definition is offered by Rain Czupryna and is intended to speak on behalf of the work she is doing and teaching, and is not an attempt to define transpersonal work for other practitioners in the field. Please also respect this definition’s authorship if quoting it or any of the website’s contents elsewhere.


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