What’s On

Blessings be with you in these amazingly potent times…

MENTORSHIPS/COACHING programs recommence May 2018 (one place left) for a 3-month block. Next is Aug-Oct 2018 and spaces are available for advanced bookings.

PSYCHOLOGY with Rain Czupryna is not available in 2018. All SoulScapes Transpersonal Psychology bookings will remain available with Cherie Levy face-to-face in the Mullumbimby, NSW area.

VISION QUEST – We are presently taking applications for April 14-22, 2018.  (Next will be October 2018.) Mid-North Coast NSW (Glenreagh). Contribution $990. Group program for 7 days, in which you experience your 4-day/4-night solo bush ceremony. Your Quest Protectors are trained in the lineage of Stalking Wolf.  First step is to make contact via the contact page and request your application.