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About Our Associates

Nature Philosophy


Founders Kate Rydge and Sam Robertson

Nature Philosophy run quests and other deep nature connection programs on the same site as SoulScapes in Glenreagh. If our quest dates don’t suit you, you may like to visit their calendar.

Kate Rydge and the women of SoulScapes team often collaborate to run Women’s Quests (to see upcoming dates for Women’s Quests see our Vision Quest page).

Nature’s Philosophy and SoulScapes share the same lineage of Stalking Wolf, associated with Tom Brown, Jr’s Tracker School in USA, and Quest Trainer, Malcom Ringwalt.

Soulcraft Australia


Founders Robert Boyle and Carin Eisen, now managed by a core committee including Rain to bring to Australia the work of the Animus Valley Institute with Animus guides flown over to us.

Also now evolved to be named Soulcraft Australia and New Zealand (SANZ)

Visit website for up-to-date courses being run in our region.

Rain, Steve, and Julie are producing the Animus Quest at end of 2020 at our usual location for our own quests, in Glenreagh NSW.

These programs are explained in greater detail on the parent page of Animus Valley Institute