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Meet the Team

Your quest guides are trained Vision Quest Protectors, whom all share a passion for soulful, visionary and sovereign living for the greater good of our wider world.

Rain Czupryna has been offering Vision Quest in since 2003, and since 2013, she and Steve McKenzie brought their work together to offer this ceremony in the lineage of Stalking Wolf, following their training with Malcolm Ringwalt of Earth-Heart Institute, held at the primitive camp of Tom Brown, Jr.’s Tracker School (USA).

Julie Vaughn joined the team in 2015 and has become a valuable, vital part of the core team in her sincere passion for Quest.

You can find out more about Steve and Julie and other related work they offer at their website Soulpaths. ​

Additional team members such as Cherie Levy of SoulScapes Transpersonal Psychology and a growing cohort of skilfully trained, service-oriented apprentices to this path also join the core team.

Each contributor has taken a pledge in the lineage of Stalking Wolf and bring their own questing experience.

Further, they bring their hearts to this work and to the questers themselves, with a broader intention to influence the wider ripple effect of the planet they share deep care and concern for.

On each of our teams we have volunteers apprentices who have trained in this lineage…a big thanks goes out for their dedicated time and all that they contribute to the experience of the Questers