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Cherie Levy

About Cherie Levy

Clinical Psychologist, Vision Quest Protector
photo of Cherie Levy in Brunswick Heads

Cherie is a psychologist and Vision Quest Protector (Stalking Wolf lineage, 2016). She has also apprenticed Vision Quest facilitation with the School of Shamanic Womancraft and brings an essence of gentle tenderness into her space holding for all quests.

She holds a deep respect for nature-based healing and has experience in guiding people back to their connection with the natural world. From this, she has learned that reconnection with nature can be pivotal for supporting people as they journey back into connection with themselves and the world around them.

Her genuine passion for social connectedness and interpersonal intimacy lends itself well to fostering safe, well held and deeply nourishing environments to explore and experience the nature of the Soul’s journey. In this container, others are invited to foster their own sense of reconnection with themselves, their inner wisdom and the world around them.

“From that place of stillness that nature has revealed to me, I can hear my Soul’s truth. Solo nature time has helped me to develop a pathway to the quietness that lays within my own being. This inner voice is what calls me to share this journey, this soul initiation pathway with others.”

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