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Julie Vaughan

About Julie Vaughan

Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Vision Quest Protector
Julie Vaughan Vision Quest Protector

Julie Vaughan is a compassionate and skilled soul-based mentor and personal development guide. Her formal training includes Transpersonal Counselling (Advanced Diploma), Gestalt Therapy (Graduate Certificate) and Vision Quest Protecting (Stalking Wolf lineage).

Julie’s approach is based on absolute respect for the vast intelligence that pulses through every living being; that which moves us toward our natural unique expression of truth, wholeness, evolution and potential.  She holds a deep appreciation of the Mystery which animates all things, and the interconnectedness of the natural world, of which we all are a precious, vital part.

It is Julie’s deep joy to be in alliance with you –

  • to explore, and bring to light, your inner world – underlying patterns, perceptions, beliefs, challenges, questions, stirrings, resources and potentials;
  • to gain clearer insight to current resistances or challenges, and navigate them from a more integrated, expanded, choiceful and empowered way of being;
  • to cultivate the expression of your unique creative potential, the song of your heart;
  • to increase your embodied access to the truth and language of your soul – to hear the callings, see the visionary, and feel the pulsing of your soul in your unique and sacred evolutionary journey.

The space that Julie offers has the qualities of sitting beside a sacred fire that warms, soothes, illuminates, transmutes and regenerates. She uses deep listening, compassionate enquiry and inspired exploration, drawing on a blend of techniques inspired by sacred ceremony, nature’s principles and shamanic philosophy, transpersonal psychology, Gestalt therapy, archetypes and mythology, parts work and shadow work, and other wisdom teachings and evidence-based methods. Also, her own personal journeys through the shadowy depths and expansive heights of the human experience provide an embodied wisdom and perspective that extend beyond any training course.

Besides formal training, Julie regularly engages in personal and professional development through training courses and other learning activities, including the work of her friend, colleague and mentor, Rain Czupryna; and also the work of both Bill Plotkin Ph.D and Dr Gabor Mate.

As an eternal student of the mysteries of the natural world, the cosmos and the human journey, Julie is dedicated to her own learning, and to living her ‘largest conversation with the world’ with curiosity, integrity, and compassion.  Alongside individual sessions, her passion lies with nature-based group work, particularly the Vision Quest.

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