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Vision Quest

What is a Vision Quest?

A Vision Quest is an ancient, nature-based, fasting, solo ceremony, that provides us with the opportunity to be still… Still enough to hear the voice that is calling us onto our most visionary path. We walk into the arms of Mother Nature and into our sacred quest circle for four days and nights, prepared to fast all that is familiar, and leave everything behind, perhaps including how we have come to be. The quest supports a process of dying to the old story or way and birthing the new. ​

A teaching of the vision quest is that we have the birth-right to have a vision to carry within and into the world, for ourselves and those who will be positively touched by that vision, that that this is in fact, vital to our world.

The quest is a phenomenon and process that invites an encounter with whom we are as a unique soul, underneath layers of personality. This original being that we are, connected to heart and to Great Mystery, can be accessed more clearly within this dedicated space comprising of personal commitment and Nature’s purity.

The vision quest typically offers rigorous tests and trials within, bringing us to an experience of our substance, and to release more of the hold that our former, smaller ways of being in the world can have.

Many find the quest experience facilitates a deep homecoming, soul encounter, purification, healing, transcendence, psycho-spiritual maturation, and sense of liberation.

“The change that occurred for me, when I was at the vision quest, was so monumental that I liken it to the change that occurred in me when I became a mother. Now I feel more in touch with reality and more certain of my purpose, than ever before. There is so much I could write and I feel a bit overwhelmed about where my life is taking me, but most importantly I am feeling (inspired by the vision quest) a very decisive calmness has washed over me. I can see how and why I will take a step back, to let things fully seep into my spirit, instead of just jumping in. I had an unconventional start to life, with my illness and the like, and I used to feel that it made me inferior to others, who followed the mainstream model (school, uni, career etc). I also used to think I didn’t have much to give back, but now I see that that’s not true. Now I’m living up to my potential and feeling more confident when I’m dealing with people, in every circumstance. I’m also being real with people, warts and all, when having discussions, particularly about me. I used today hide things I was ashamed of, but not any more…”

AG, 2018
Vision Quest Participants

Who is Vision Quest for?

Many find the timing is right to quest when seeking:

A sense of deep reconnection – with Self, with one’s spirituality, with the Earth

Yearning to deepen a sense of belonging and enchantment with the natural world

Clarity of direction, insights & answers to the most important questions of one’s life

Deep contemplation of purpose & identity

Amidst profound personal change

Marking a significant life transition

A way to allow the release of long-held emotional blocks or self-healing and self-transformation

The embodiment of greater authentic power and visionary leadership

and when:

There is a stirring within, a calling to quest even if vague or mysterious at first, for it will be revealed… And NOW at this time on our planet, to prepare us all to walk courageously and powerfully into the unknown.

Perhaps your knowing tells you your presence on the planet can and must make a difference; Perhaps your focus is to go deep within. Regardless of your context, Questing at this time equips us to know what we are called to do as we journey into the future…

Next Vision Quests

Spring 2022 Vision Quest l Taking Expressions of Interest
Global Solo Quest Program I Rolling intake
Quest Preparation & Integration Mentoring l By Request
October 23rd-31st 2021 | Mt Byron, Qld | Open to men and women

Expressions of Interest are now being accepted for Vision Quests.

These events are each a 4-day/4-night solo wilderness ceremony within an 8-day program in the teachings of late Lipan Apache, Stalking Wolf, Tom Brown, Jr., Tracker School, and Malcolm Ringwaldt, Earth-Heart Institute, USA.

Generally offered by us twice/year, The Vision Quest is for those seeking profound depths of healing and awakening, wholeness, discovery of personal truth and identity, sovereignty, and empowerment at a soul level. This is a nature-based “ordeal” experience that helps the small self to die away unto the emergence of one’s authentic being, that is encoded with your original Knowing and heart’s Vision.

Contact us for any of the Vision Quest dates with exception contact Kate of Nature’s Philosophy for the Women’s Quest. Contact us if you are interested in the Animus Quest run by Soulcraft Australia. To read more about the Animus Quest and to apply visit the Soulcraft Australia website.

Enquire here

Or Call us on +61402 130 972
For any questions you may have

Contribution* – $AUD 1090

*Contribution reflects healthy exchange of the enormous energy and commitment that goes into this Quest, to offer protection, venue, nourishment, etc. There is no charge associated with the ceremony itself, nor the teachings. No one is turned away whom is genuinely called, and committed to the full process, and is in a sound state to withstand the physical, psychological, and overall strength of this process. Contribution can therefore be discussed individually with equal exchange, fairness and integrity in mind for all.

Initiate your Quest

Or Call us on +61402 130 972
For any questions you may have

“We have reached an age where it has not just only become desirable to evolve to a new state of consciousness and wisdom, but it is actually becoming vital to our survival. We must return to the Earth. We are the Earth. We are finishing our experience of an analytical, controlled world learning of its excesses and eventuating futility. It is time to come back into balance, to become creative and to flow with the natural order of life once more. It is time to open our hearts and heal all that has been. The rebirth has arrived.”

Gemma Ooi

Whilst free from religious dogma, beliefs, or culture-specific practices, the vision quest is a ceremonial experience, honouring the Native American teachings, yet offered in a universal spirit as taught to us by our elders. This four-day/night ceremony held over an 8-day program is infused with meaningful ritual designed to support personal transformation and connection to a transcendent dimension.

We give great thanks and acknowledgement to the native people, elders, and ancestors of Australia for their permission and blessing to offer this work on this land, and stand together towards the restoration of the Sacred, of Country, of Earth, and the Indigenous to their rightful status.

Mentoring is available pre and post quest

Book a 6 or 12 session individual Mentoring program to deepen your pre-quest preparation and post-quest integration. Mentorships can greatly assist Questers both phases, even well before or after a quest. 

Contact us or phone for more information: 0402 130 972

The standard program is sufficient to prepare you for your quest. However, some people appreciate the option of a group or individual mentorship to dive deeply into their preparation and integration phases before and after their quest. There are numerous benefits to this. If you would like to read more or enquire about how you can have additional support for these phases contact us. See Meet the Team page for mentors you can work with.

“The ultimate aim of the quest must be neither release nor ecstasy for oneself, but the wisdom and the power to serve others.”

Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

Most of you if not all of you reading content such as this, feel, by now, the rumbling of Mother Earth and wonder how to make an impact that will save what is left of the natural world. To even save our own species. Or perhaps that is too big to comprehend, take any action that feels relevant and effective and wonder, then what? What to do with my one life? What dreams to still dream? In what way do I live? Work? Attend to family?

In any case, I see the Vision Quest ceremony and our collective work to engage with this divine ceremony, as a path of activism to reunite humanity with our Earth Mother, to open our hearts to her love and support, and fear her not, tame her not, exploit her not. I see the Vision Quest as a way to revive the human spirit and soul, awaken the wild within us, fall in love with the wild around us more deeply and to provide us with strength and clarity to fully live, not just for the times we are in but for ourselves and this life we have been given.

Like a dynamic Taurus, I see the quest as supporting both an outside-in and inside-out vehicle for communication between the individual human heart and the wider world, soul-midwifery and global activism working in unison. If or when the time comes to turn towards your individual quest, I have deep faith that we are taking part worthwhile planetary activism at the same time.

“We urgently need to be bound emotionally and spiritually to the natural world, as this appears to be the only way to protect nature against human destructiveness and against a pervasive narcissism that, unchecked, must eventually destroy us along with the ecosystem in which we live.”

David Tacey, “Re-Enchantment: The New Australian Spirituality,” p. 164.

May this work serve:

All those who stand behind us in our ancestry. All those whom are yet to be birthed, and for seven generations to come; Our Earth Mother, the waters we drink, air we breathe, and all the gifts of earth and fire that fuel, shelter and sustain our lives; All our relations, the winged ones, four-leggeds, standing ones, finned ones, teeny tiny ones, our entire ecological community of sacred life on this planet, to which we offer our respect, care and custodianship;

The life of soul, and true and awake nature of every being; The purpose, medicine, and life force that is aflame within us, lighting up the world; The sacredness of all life, the sensitive interconnectedness we are; The critical turning point we are in globally and to the wide-scale loss of soul in the world that underpins destructive activity through ego-based consciousness, individually, collectively, systemically, institutionally.

“May this work that flows willingly through me, through us, help reunite the human heart with Mother Earth, with the gift of vision and medicine power given to each of us at birth.

As deep and widespread as the destruction has been upon our planet and to the human condition, may there be an even deeper reach into the intimate, awe-filled primordial life of soul that can engender a new consciousness of psycho-spiritual maturity and custodianship for the planet, and humanity, starting with us.

May we hear and heed the call of the wild within us, and around us, and live in a world where the wild can dance freely, strongly, once again.”

Deepest blessings, Rain

Are you ready to quest?

If you would like to take the next step you can contact us, or learn more about how to apply.