The Vision Quest

Next Vision Quests:

March 21-28, 2020

Women’s Quest – Oct 24-31, 2020

Applications now being accepted 

Where: Glenreagh, Mid-north coast NSW

Contribution* – $AUD 1090.      *See notes below.

This is a 4-day/4-night solo wilderness ceremony within a 9-day program in the teachings of late Lipan Apache, Stalking Wolf, Tom Brown Jr Tracker School, and Malcolm Ringwaldt, Earth-Heart Institute, USA.

Generally offered by us twice/year, The Vision Quest is for those seeking profound depths of healing and awakening, wholeness, discovery of personal truth and identity, sovereignty, and empowerment at a soul level. This is a nature-based “ordeal” experience that helps the small self to die away unto the emergence of one’s authentic being, that is encoded with your original Knowing and heart’s Vision.

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phone  0402 130 972.

A Vision Quest is a nature-based ancient rite of passage ceremony that provides us with the opportunity to be still… Still enough to hear the voice that is calling us onto our most visionary path.

We walk into the experience prepared to retrieve the seeds of “soul DNA,” encountering the keys to our birthright of vision. We meet the soul-self underneath layers of personality, and receive guidance for the way forward. The vision quest typically offers rigorous tests and trials within, bringing us to an  experience our substance, and to release more of the hold that our former, smaller ways of being in the world can have. Many find the quest experience allows a deep homecoming, soul encounter, purification, and sense of liberation.

The vision quest is for both those called to embark upon a first quest and those who are called to quest again. Many find the timing to quest is right when:

  • Ready to embody greater authentic power and visionary leadership,
  • Clarifying direction, insights & answers to the most important questions of one’s life,
  • Seeking a sense of reconnection – with Self, with one’s spirituality, with the Earth,
  • Amidst profound personal change,
  • Deep contemplation of purpose & identity,
  • Ready to allow the release of long-held emotional blocks, allowing healing and self-transformation,
  • Yearning to deepen a sense of belonging the natural world,
  • Marking a significant life transition.

And when:

  • There is a stirring within, a calling to quest even if vague or mysterious at first, for it will be revealed…

And NOW at this time on our planet, to prepare us all to walk courageously and powerfully into the unknown.

Perhaps you “know” we have collectively reached the tipping point on Earth; perhaps your knowing tells your presence on the planet can and must make a difference; perhaps your focus is to go deep within. Regardless of your context, Questing at this time equips us to know what we are called to do as we journey into the future…

“We have reached an age where it has not just only become desirable to evolve to a new state of consciousness and wisdom, but it is actually becoming vital to our survival. We must return to the Earth. We are the Earth. We are finishing our experience of an analytical, controlled world learning of its excesses and eventuating futility. It is time to come back into balance, to become creative and to flow with the natural order of life once more. It is time to open our hearts and heal all that has been. The rebirth has arrived.” – Gemma Ooi

Whilst free from religious dogma, beliefs, or culture-specific practices, the vision quest is a ceremonial experience, honouring the Native American teachings, yet offered in a universal spirit as taught to us by our elders. This weeklong ceremony is infused with meaningful ritual designed to support personal transformation and connection to a transcendent dimension.

We give great thanks and acknowledgement to the native people, elders, and ancestors of Australia for their permission and blessing to offer this work on this land, and stand together towards the restoration of the Sacred, of Country, of Earth, and the Indigenous to their rightful status.

*Contribution reflects healthy exchange of the enormous energy and commitment that goes into this Quest, to offer protection, venue, nourishment, etc. There is no charge associated with the ceremony itself, nor the teachings. No one is turned away whom is genuinely called, and committed to the full process, and is in a sound state to withstand the physical, psychological, and overall strength of this process. Contribution can therefore be discussed individually with equal exchange, fairness and integrity in mind for all.

For more information or to register your interest in the Vision Quest, contact us.

Your facilitators are trained Vision Quest Protectors, Rain Czupryna, Steve McKenzie, and Julie Vaughn, whom all share a passion for soulful, visionary and souvereign living for the greater good of our wider world. They have taken a pledge to serve those who are drawn to this ancient ceremony and to offer this in the lineage of Stalking Wolf. The training they have undertaken was through Earth-Heart Institute at the primitive camp of The Tracker School, USA. Steve and Rain bring their hearts to this work and to those who feel a strong calling to this initiation, with intention to influence the wider ripple effect of the planet they care deeply about.

More about Rain’s vision quest path:

“Vision Quest has been a part of my life since 2003, when I first quested during a time of profound crisis, spiritual emergence, and deep longing to merge with the sacred. In these early years, I was also asked to assist others through their quests, though back then they were the sunrise to sunset version. In the years since then, my training and calling has been to bring others through their 4-day/night quests, and I have returned to this profound ceremony at key junctures in my life over the years. Each time, there is a feeling of needing to heed the calling, to discover what awaits me in the belly of nature, and of my own ‘underworld’ of hidden knowing. Prior to questing, and alongside this path, I have been well-acquainted with the healing and clarifying portals of therapy and coaching, yet in Quest, discovered a raw, formidable presence. No where to hide and free from all that I’ve been defined by in life at each stage, the Vision Quest has showed itself to me as a sacred portal indeed, to the heart of Creation and of myself.  Each time I quest, I find myself surrendering into the cycle of death and rebirth for the next chapter of my life, calibrating once again to my own potential for sanctuary and ‘sanity’, and readiness to house the power to make manifest my heart’s dreaming.  Along this deeply personal path of inner transformation, I have also had the humble honour of  guiding over 30 groups (about 250 people) through their rite of passage experience, quest formats ranging from single day ritual, 24 hour ceremony, or traditional 4-day/night “ordeal” of initiation. I owe much to the vision quest, for it has illuminated and revealed my true identity and paths in life to take, and more importantly, has generated much of the capacity for me to then walk what the vision asks of me. I’m grateful to receive these wisdom teaching from our ancients, and to be of service in this way. “


Vision Quest Oct 2016

Vision Quest Oct 2017


Malcolm Ringwaldt
BELOW is a personal letter of inspiration and clarification from Malcom Rignwaldt, Quest Protector Instructor in the lineage of “Grandfather” and original chosen member of Tom Brown Jr’s first apprentices, “Coyote Thunder.”

The Vision Quest is the most powerful spiritual practice, “pound for pound,” bar none. It may not be the most fun as you sit in the scorching sun for hours waiting for any relief, or dance through the cold rain, and through it all wondering if I am absolutely crazy. But in all the years of my practice, I have never found the transformations, so readily available in the Quest, anywhere else. When we think of the Quest, too often we focus on the dis-comfort and hardship of the questing. However, I would ask you to focus, instead on the moments of spirit soaring, of stillness and peace, and of the knowing’s and of realizations that are experienced as well.
These experiences are more “true,” more real, than the discomfort because they are glimpses of who you really are! The rest are merely the personal wounding’s we have gathered along our journey, pasted over the essential and true Self. We seem to be fully attached to our wounding’s and darkness and so focus lots of attention on them thinking they are real and important to who we are. We believe in the reality of the fear our physical senses reveal and miss our true divinity revealed only by our spiritual senses. It is as we walk the spiritual path that we understand that these dark beliefs are merely the imaginings of a confused soul. The Vision Quest allows us to separate the false from the true about our Self— actually; the good news is that it won’t let you not separate them.
Because of this, I am always amazed when I hear people who have Quested, even some spiritual teachers – say that they have a new meditation, technique, ceremony, or practice that is more effective than the Quest. While there are certainly more comfortable practices, and easier, none touches the totality of our inner and outer experiences available in the Quest. And it works in such a relatively short time, too.
The Quest is a perfect balance of every part of our
humanness with nature and
spirit. It is a dance between
our deepest inner aware-
ness’s and realizations (the
 answers to our questions,
 and the struggles of our body, mind, and emotions) with the purity of nature around us. All the while, we are forever wrapped in the eternity of our true Beingness, consciously or unconsciously.
It is within all the grandeur, beauty, and harmony of nature and spirit that we quest. Nature and eternal spirit be- comes the perfect mirror that we gaze upon as the dark, misty shroud that includes all our pain, wounds, fears, and judgments eddy and swirls around us in response only to our inner imaginings and condition.
While those awareness’s of darkness are moving, surging, and falling back, and despite the hardship and discomfort, we begin to notice something else arising, some subtle inner experience that transcends everything else, something that underlies and supports it, something unchanging, tangible, real. As we Quest, this intangible gets stronger and begins to move to the foreground of our experience. This is how we encounter, through experience, our true Self that lies at the heart of all this movement. As the mist clears, we catch a glimpse of the Grand Vision of life, none other than our true Self. In fact, we get to know most practices are happy to focus on one layer of experience: the physical cultivation, devotional celebration, knowing, and realization, or pure, non-duality of Self. But the human is not a singularity, we are a totality and for the transformation to be complete, for it to make a global difference in our lives, all layers must be touched, healed, and awakened. We are not a physical being, not a being or emotion or feeling, not a being of intelligence, and not a divine being; we are Human Beings and that includes all of the above! The Quest is the only practice that brings every one of those levels into awareness to be worked with.
I am not saying forget the other practices. They are a great adjunct to what we start in the Vision Quest. They can carry forward the work, maintain the momentum, and polish the realizations and transformations achieved in the Quest. Just don’t forget to continue to Quest!
The Quest is the taproot of the path of spiritual development that must be nurtured, just how magnificent a Human Being is, not as separate pieces but as a total Oneness of possibilities and essence.
As I said, I know of no other practice that touches us in such a complete way!