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Vision Quest

What is a Vision Quest?

 ​A Vision Quest is an ancient, nature-based, solo ceremony, that provides us with the opportunity to be immersed in sacred silence, reaching into a level of stillness that can hear the whispers of your heart and instructions from within. We walk into the arms of Mother Nature, fast from all things familiar,  and into our sacred quest where all that we have lived stays behind a symbolic threshold of potential transformation. The quest supports a process of ‘dying’ to the old story or way and birthing the new.

We have the birth-right to carry our vision within and into the world, for ourselves and those who will be positively touched by that vision. This, in fact, vital to our world. Quest helps us to remember whom we are, and cast off what we are not.

The quest is a phenomenon and process that invites an encounter with whom we are as a unique being, underneath layers of personality. This original, full-hearted, Source infused, being that we are, can be tangibly felt more clearly within this dedicated space comprising of personal commitment and Nature’s purity.

The vision quest mirrors back to us our rigour and substance, our wholeness and unique identity amidst all that we are inseparable from. What we are NOT, can further lose its grip.

Many find the quest experience facilitates a deep homecoming, “soul encounter,” purification, self-healing, transcendence, psycho-spiritual maturation, and immense sense of liberation.


Vision Quest Participants

Who is Vision Quest for?

Many find the timing is right to quest when seeking:

A sense of deep reconnection – with Self, with one’s spirituality, with the Earth

Yearning to deepen a sense of belonging and enchantment with the natural world

Clarity of direction, insights & answers to the most important questions of one’s life

Deep contemplation of purpose & identity

Amidst profound personal change

Marking a significant life transition

A way to allow the release of long-held emotional blocks or self-healing and self-transformation

The embodiment of greater authentic power and visionary leadership

and when:

There is a stirring within, a calling to quest even if vague or mysterious at first, for it will be revealed… And NOW at this time on our planet, to prepare us all to walk courageously and powerfully into the unknown.

Saturate in the frequencies of Source and Nature and allow this power to recalibrate, reinstate, and remember…

Independent Vision Quest - rolling intake - Receive our support for you to get out there and quest on your own.
Quest Preparation 1:1 Mentorships | by appointment on lead-up to your quest
Post-Quest Integration 1:1 Mentorships | by appointment after your quest

Let us guide you in your quest-related questions, to help you discover the next best steps that are right for you and to know what your options are.

Get in touch.

The in-person events have been in the tradition of a 4-day/4-night solo wilderness ceremony within an 8-day program in the teachings of late Lipan Apache, Stalking Wolf, Tom Brown, Jr., Tracker School, and Malcolm Ringwaldt, Earth-Heart Institute, USA. The Global Solos Program is a suggested 3-day ceremony distinct from, and complementary to, the lineage.

The Vision Quest is for those seeking profound depths of healing and awakening, wholeness, discovery of personal truth and identity, sovereignty, and empowerment at a soul level. This is a nature-based “ordeal” experience that helps the small self to die away unto the emergence of one’s authentic being, that is encoded with your original Knowing and heart’s Vision.

Enquire here

Or Call us on +61402 130 972
For any questions you may have

Contribution* – $AUD 1500

*Contribution reflects healthy exchange of the enormous energy and commitment that goes into this Quest, to offer protection, venue, nourishment, etc. There is no charge associated with the ceremony itself, nor the teachings. No one is turned away whom is genuinely called, and committed to the full process, and is in a sound state to withstand the physical, psychological, and overall strength of this process. Contribution can therefore be discussed individually with equal exchange, fairness and integrity in mind for all.


The quest ceremony, as passed on and distilled, is intended to be free of religious dogma, beliefs, or culture-specific practices.

We give great thanks and acknowledgement to the First Nations people, elders, and ancestors of Australia for their permission and blessing to offer this work on this land, and stand together towards the restoration and recognition of the Sacred, of Country, of Earth.

Mentoring is available pre and post quest

Book a 6 or 12 session individual Mentoring program to deepen your pre-quest preparation and post-quest integration. Mentorships can greatly assist Questers both phases, even well before or after a quest. 

Contact us or phone for more information: 0402 130 972

The standard program is sufficient to prepare you for your quest. However, some people go for the option of a highly personalised individual mentorship to dive deeply into their preparation and integration phases, before and after their quest. There are strong benefits to this, psychospiritually. If you would like to read more or enquire about how you can have additional support for these phases contact us.

“The ultimate aim of the quest must be neither release nor ecstasy for oneself, but the wisdom and the power to serve others.”

Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

I see the Vision Quest ceremony and our collective work to engage with this divine ceremony, as a path of activism to reunite humanity with our Earth Mother, to open our hearts to her love, support, and wisdom.

May this work serve:

All those who stand behind us in our ancestry.

All those whom are yet to be birthed, and for generations to come.

Our children.

Our Earth Mother, the waters we drink, air we breathe, and all the gifts of earth and fire that fuel, shelter and sustain our lives.

All our relations; finned, scaled, furred, and feathered.

Our entire ecological community of sacred life on this planet, to which we offer our spirit of respect, care and custodianship.

The life of soul.

The sacredness of all life.

“The call of the wild is alive and well. We are, and shall be, free, sacred, beauty-filled, enlivened, visionary and whole.

Deepest blessings, Rain

If you would like to take the next step you can contact us, or learn more about how to apply.