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Why Quest

What brings us to be called to quest? Tell me more…

Why Vision Quest?

There’s whisper inside us. There is a deep sense of feeling called. A yearning.

And it is hard to ignore. There is a strong and powerful need.

At first, the call to quest can feel like a faint stirring, a quickening in the heart, or it is as though you are yanked by the collar by a force of greater knowing to sit your quest.

The logical mind might concern itself with reasons, even valid and compelling ones, yet underneath the ‘why’ seems to be part of a larger conversation going on between loving and primordial forces moving through us.

And so it speaks, an intuitive and bodily felt sense that conveys a message from the soul.


You may find out ‘why’ when you look back on it and understand that your quest has worked you and gifted you in ways that mean you get to take life on in a very different way.

The threshold awaits you

Vision Quest Preparation

By immersing in Nature’s medicine and frequency, that salve soaks through our bodies. This cellular memory of how you were built to function with natural rhythms and awakened senses, without noise, toxicity, wifi, and so on, penetrates and reverses the impact of that which dulls, disconnects, and distorts our own nature.

As you sink more deeply into your home here on the Earth, you are likely to notice a deepened sense of internal homecoming arising within. We can feel as though we have our true North perception of ‘rightness’ as falsehoods, false presumptions, and illusions that have crept into our lives are cast off.  
The accumulated debris from your psyche and soma can be released whilst in the process of this 4-day long sacred earth ceremony. With a profound return to your birthright of deep knowing, you may re-adjust your life direction navigation from where you may have gone adrift, even by just degrees.
We commonly witness quester’s freshly updated embodiment of a sense of heart-felt connection, sovereignty, belonging, radiant spirit nature, and unique soul qualities that inform their vision.

In Quest, we meet the tests and trials that quest presents to us, through which we may come to feel our darkness, edges, shadows, mind habits, as well as untapped power. We learn, we grow, reclaim wholeness, often heal, and, we mature. We may have a soul  initiation experience that shatters the previous sense of self and reality and births through deepened soul presence.

Celebrate a newfound stage of life, or mourn the last with honouring, dignity, and sacred witnessing. 

Why is Vision Quest so Powerful?

“Vision Quest is the pathway to our birth right of knowledge of how to live and our place in the world.”

-Malcolm Ringwalt

A message from Malcolm Ringwaldt

Below is a personal letter of inspiration and clarification from Malcolm Ringwaldt, Quest Protector Instructor in the lineage of “Grandfather” and original chosen member of Tom Brown Jr’s first apprentices, “Coyote Thunder.”

The Vision Quest is the most powerful spiritual practice, “pound for pound,” bar none. It may not be the most fun as you sit in the scorching sun for hours waiting for any relief, or dance through the cold rain, and through it all wondering if I am absolutely crazy. But in all the years of my practice, I have never found the transformations, so readily available in the Quest, anywhere else. When we think of the Quest, too often we focus on the dis-comfort and hardship of the questing.

However, I would ask you to focus, instead on the moments of spirit soaring, of stillness and peace, and of the knowing’s and of realizations that are experienced as well.

These experiences are more “true,” more real, than the discomfort because they are glimpses of who you really are! The rest are merely the personal wounding’s we have gathered along our journey, pasted over the essential and true Self. We seem to be fully attached to our wounding’s and darkness and so focus lots of attention on them thinking they are real and important to who we are. We believe in the reality of the fear our physical senses reveal and miss our true divinity revealed only by our spiritual senses.

It is as we walk the spiritual path that we understand that these dark beliefs are merely the imaginings of a confused soul. The Vision Quest allows us to separate the false from the true about our Self— actually; the good news is that it won’t let you not separate them.

Because of this, I am always amazed when I hear people who have Quested, even some spiritual teachers – say that they have a new meditation, technique, ceremony, or practice that is more effective than the Quest. While there are certainly more comfortable practices, and easier, none touches the totality of our inner and outer experiences available in the Quest. And it works in such a relatively short time, too.

The Quest is a perfect balance of every part of our humanness with nature and spirit. It is a dance between our deepest inner awareness’s and realizations (the answers to our questions, and the struggles of our body, mind, and emotions) with the purity of nature around us. All the while, we are forever wrapped in the eternity of our true Beingness, consciously or unconsciously.

It is within all the grandeur, beauty, and harmony of nature and spirit that we quest. Nature and eternal spirit be- comes the perfect mirror that we gaze upon as the dark, misty shroud that includes all our pain, wounds, fears, and judgments eddy and swirls around us in response only to our inner imaginings and condition.

Vision Quest – Soul Nature Quest Basecamp

While those awareness’s of darkness are moving, surging, and falling back, and despite the hardship and discomfort, we begin to notice something else arising, some subtle inner experience that transcends everything else, something that underlies and supports it, something unchanging, tangible, real. As we Quest, this intangible gets stronger and begins to move to the foreground of our experience. This is how we encounter, through experience, our true Self that lies at the heart of all this movement. As the mist clears, we catch a glimpse of the Grand Vision of life, none other than our true Self. In fact, we get to know most practices are happy to focus on one layer of experience: the physical cultivation, devotional celebration, knowing, and realization, or pure, non-duality of Self.

But the human is not a singularity, we are a totality and for the transformation to be complete, for it to make a global difference in our lives, all layers must be touched, healed, and awakened. We are not a physical being, not a being or emotion or feeling, not a being of intelligence, and not a divine being; we are Human Beings and that includes all of the above! The Quest is the only practice that brings every one of those levels into awareness to be worked with.

I am not saying forget the other practices. They are a great adjunct to what we start in the Vision Quest. They can carry forward the work, maintain the momentum, and polish the realizations and transformations achieved in the Quest. Just don’t forget to continue to Quest!

The Quest is the taproot of the path of spiritual development that must be nurtured, just how magnificent a Human Being is, not as separate pieces but as a total Oneness of possibilities and essence.

As I said, I know of no other practice that touches us in such a complete way!

Are you ready to quest?

If you would like to take the next step contact us or learn more about how to apply