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    Past Quester’s Experience…

    “…So many have asked me how the experience was like, and I’ve found it very difficult to articulate, perhaps because I am still processing my time.

    All I can share with those who ask is that I believe that being in the quest has installed an anti-virus in me and pressed the reset button on my internal computer, and now the old programs that were running in my subconscious mind are detected by the anti-virus, and I can see so many of them are old programs that I’ve installed over the years, but no longer need.

    It is a joy to rid myself of them. I feel lighter and happier. Through Vision Quest, I have become in touch with my dreams again, and they have been informing me of so much. I am so appreciative and grateful for all that took place. I am also still capable of getting in touch with deep silence, to be present, to listen more closely and this is enabling me to be a better friend, husband and father….”

    FK, 2018