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SoulScapes Foundation

SoulScapes Foundation (established 2002) offers soul-based, nature-based quests and mentorships in NSW, Australia, and by distance globally. This work is in dedication to the journey of the fully-embodied, ensouled human being, and to our sacred, living Earth. We offer guidance for those doing independent solo quests around the world, specialising in providing in-depth preparation and integration mentoring support.

Contact Rain to discuss your quest journey and options to join us or to quest from afar. Call on +61 402 130 972 or via the contact form.

Get in touch to learn about your options.

Over the years this site has been home to soul-based counselling, coaching, psychology, mentoring programs and training, to passionately serve those on the paths of soul initiation, wholeness embodiment, trauma healing, and quest integration.

You will now find  SoulScapes Transpersonal Psychology  here. More in-depth info on Soul-based Mentorships can be found on Rain Soul.


Do you feel called to do a Vision Quest?

This solo wilderness ceremony has roots in ancient tradition and meets one’s longing for deep connection with Self and the Natural World. Many find purpose, direction, healing, growth, self-understanding, depth of connection, resolution, peace and more. This ceremony  offers you a vehicle through which you can bring yourself forth into greater belonging in the web of life.

Vision Questers after their quest

Join Us

Independent Vision Quest Program I Rolling Intake
Individual Mentoring for Quest Preparation & Integration I By request
Vision Quest with us May 3-10 2025, Pillar Valley NSW - Express your interest on the contact page

Deepen your transformation through a Mentorship

Book a 6-session individual Mentoring program to deepen your pre-quest preparation and post-quest integration. Mentorships can greatly assist Questers both phases, even well before or after a quest. 

Contact us or phone for more information: 0402 130 972

“I received the best gift imaginable when I went to an unknown place and spent 4 days with mother nature on a mountain side. It has changed my life completely and continues to have a beneficial effect everyday. I have found my purpose – after a lifetime of searching – and it is incredible to finally feel like I am meant to be here and do something useful to aid the planet and it’s inhabitants.”

Past Quester
Wendy Robinson

“I thought the Earth remembered me,

She took me back so tenderly….”

From “Sleeping in the Forest,” by Mary Oliver


Walking this earth with your vision is your birth right. People come to quest to seek vision, to heal, to grow and more. The person who walks into quest and the person who walks out of quest are not the same…here are some of the reasons people feel the call to quest…



The Vision Quest is for those seeking profound depths of healing and awakening, wholeness, discovery of personal truth and identity, sovereignty, and empowerment at a soul level. This is a nature-based “ordeal” experience that helps the small self to die away unto the emergence of one’s authentic being, that is encoded with your original Knowing and heart’s Vision.


For over two decades, SoulScapes Foundation’s transpersonal services have helped hundreds of people to meet their longing to access deeper levels of clarified vision, purpose, wholeness embodiment, psycho-spiritual development, quality of life, and intimacy with the intelligences of soul and the natural world.

We specialise in you being on the receiving end of deep listening, curiosity, and honouring of your evolutionary life journey. Being met in the “soulscapes” within you and that you are a part of. With relevance to the times we are in on the planet, we believe that the reinstatement of whom you really are, and what you are here to do, is a necessary contribution to our world.



First and foremost, there is that light, that key, that piece of myself that I did not know was missing, until I found it out there in nature, alone. I feel whole in a way I did not know was possible. There is a knowing that I am Gaia’s child. There is a recognising from deep within, I am connected to this earth and all her creatures, that I am a part of this all and that I deserve to be here, no more or no less as the tree or the butterfly.  I deserve to be here! This is my healing…. I believe that our connection to earth and her creatures is our birthright….Alive in me is a deep soul connection to earth, that never can be undone; but alive in me is also great sadness, for what we have done to ourselves as humans and our connection to the great mother. So, while I am writing these words, there are tears streaming down my face….The part that became alive during the Quest insists, that I should not run away but bring healing and change…” And a year later…“ has been one of the most powerful experience for me and my internal world is completely changed…it truely is like I made a promise that would kill me to break …”


“If you will stay close to nature, to its simplicity, to the small things hardly noticeable, those things can unexpectedly become great and immeasurable.”

― Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

Are you ready to quest?

If you would like to take the next step you can contact us, or learn more about how to apply.