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We acknowledge each Indigenous Country that our quests over the years have taken place on, the spirit custodians of the land there, and to our current site on Gumbaynggirr Country. To the ancestors, elders, past and present, and may their bloodlines and songlines thrive on this Country through the ages, for generations to come. May we walk upon this country with due respect and humility, with permission both asked and granted to merge with its wisdom and life force.

We extend the spirit of acknowledgement to all that is contained within the Vision Quest, supporting this ceremony to take place. There is a mind-blowing combination of factors that preserve and offer this opportunity.

We, the team, are deeply grateful to our very special and generous Land custodian, John, elder in his own right, for opening the gates after more than two decades, to this well-protected forest of divine Earth so that we may come to do this work, without whom we wouldn’t be in relationship with this pristine land.

To all your own gate-keeper threshold guardians who pointed the way or held you back till the right time, who may have tested your resolve, played their part in tempting you to stay behind, or ushered you on in recognition of your soul calling. To your loved ones and those who will feel your absence for a time when the time comes.

We wish to acknowledge the ceremony of Vision Quest itself, this gift that has been given to the people, has been practiced and handed down for 1,000’s of years and been enacted by all those who have come before us. I give thanks to the Spirit of the Quest itself, this altar, portal, conscious entity, and feel it like a dear friend to our soul, like a wise elder who patiently waits for us to remember the place it holds in our lives, waiting for us to hear the call and to arrive into its strong arms.

As we may get lost in the middle world of day-to-day, year-to-year business of living, the vision quest remains there for our taking, like a deep pause to contact the DNA of our soul. This code threads through our life’s arc from birth to death, stretches before and after. The vision quest returns to us our intimacy with whom we are and what we are here to live, and how to hold onto that guiding thread in our Earthwalk.

Vision Quest woman with hand on heart in ceremony
acknowledging the quest
After the quest, acknowledgement ceremony
Koala in tree Glenreagh

I acknowledge elders and wisdom-keepers whom have ensured the preservation of this ceremony, for their heartfelt work, spirit of integrity, and dedication to teach us… So much gratitude to generations upon generations that have handed the ceremony down so that we too, can step into the portal. And specifically, Stalking Wolf, Tom Brown, Jr., Malcolm Ringwalt.

Our teachers, mentors, and those who have also inducted us in the sweatlodge ceremony and pipe ceremony, to deepen the quest experience to the best of our ability and permission granted. Special thanks to Bill Plotkin, whose work and ability to articulate the relationship between soul and nature gives precious expression to all that I stand for and underpins my working philosophy.

To Gaia as she withstands all that our two-legged brothers and sisters impose upon her and take from her. We thank you, Mother Gaia, for bringing us home to your cradle of love and perfection for this quest.