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We acknowledge each Indigenous Country that our quests have taken place on over the years, the spirit custodians of the land there, and to our current site on Gumbaynggirr Country. To the ancestors, elders, past and present, and may their bloodlines and songlines thrive on through the ages, for generations to come. May we walk upon this country with due respect and humility, with intention to walk in harmony with its wisdom and life force.

We extend the spirit of acknowledgement to all that is contained within the Vision Quest, supporting this ceremony to take place. There is a mind-blowing combination of factors that preserve and offer this opportunity.

We wish to acknowledge the ceremony of Vision Quest itself, this gift that has been given to the people, has been practiced and handed down for 1,000’s of years and been enacted by all those who have come before us.

Vision Quest woman with hand on heart in ceremony
acknowledging the quest
After the quest, acknowledgement ceremony
Koala in tree Glenreagh